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Research indicates interest & need for driver training

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Partner research with AdMedia indicates continuing interest in and need for occupational driver training

In January, DriveTech partnered with ADMEDIA – an out of home advertising agency  -  who conduct regular online research with a UK driver panel – to check the level of awareness and interest in driver training from UK road users.

The research feedback provides an interesting ‘litmus test’ check on driver attitudes to driver training. Just over 100 respondents indicated that they drove for work, or that driving was a considerable part of their role.

Of this sample, over 70% were aware of the duty of care their employer is expected to provide. Despite this, over 58% did not receive any driver training or driving assessments, and only one third of respondents indicated that their employer shared any form of driving tips or road safety best practice – which must surely be an opportunity – sharing best practice and providing regular tips can help keep safe driving front of mind.
Over 50% 0f the respondents would like more driver training and educational support, and this was indicated as an important loyalty component to the employer with over 57% indicating that having driver training would impact on their loyalty. Training on electric and PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicles) would be welcomed, and the single biggest factor cited as being the biggest driving concern was tiredness (with working hours and other drivers being cited as numbers 2 and 3).

Most respondents drive for work in some capacity (%)

Only a third of companies share tips to remind drivers of
road safety best practice

In addition to basic compliance components such as licence checking, DriveTech can offer a wide range of driver training interventions, as well as online assessments – all geared to help you manage your occupational driver risk management. And don’t forget to check our website for insights, whitepapers and driving advisories. You can register to follow us on social media where we frequently send out news and driving tips that will help inform your own driving policies and activity.

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