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Workplace Wellbeing Charter accredited

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DriveTech achieves Workplace Wellbeing Charter accreditation status

As part of DriveTech’s overall approach to staff engagement and strong wellbeing values, the business decided during 2018 to start on the journey to achieve Workplace Wellbeing Charter status.
Des Morrison one of the senior directors took ownership, mobilised a small volunteer action team from across the business, and with the overarching commitment of new lead Director, Charlie Norman, the team created an action plan gathering evidence from different sources across the key subject areas of Leadership, Absence Management, Health & Safety, Mental Health, Smoking (non!), Alcohol and Substance mis-use,  Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.
Zoom on a fair few months, and the organisation is delighted to have just been notified that it has achieved Workplace Wellbeing Charter Accreditation after an assessor visit mid-July.

The assessor reported that it was a pleasure to accredit DriveTech with the charter adding that visiting the site at Basingstoke and speaking to the team to learn more about the organisation and all the excellent work was a very positive experience.
Commenting on this achievement Charlie Norman said: “This is a very proud moment for the entire team. We have worked hard to boost morale and positivity across the business, and achieving Workplace Wellbeing Charter accreditation has really helped the mood. It is also reassuring to both existing and new staff we welcome on board that we have a focus on wellbeing and are committed to continually improving many of the areas of focus. It can only help us to deliver enthusiastically and in a great frame of mind to support our customers going forward.”
The DriveTech leadership team will ensure an ongoing commitment to wellbeing in the workplace as part of our core DNA so that when we are reassessed in two years it is evident we have made even more progress and built upon this excellent momentum.