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Autumn Driving

Driving Tips

Autumn Driving

Visibility is often a challenge in autumn with low sun, thick fog, drizzle and leaves on the road. Here’s some advice to stay one step ahead.


Dazzle from the low sun at this time of year can surprise drivers and cause accidents. You can reduce the glare by keeping your windscreen clean, replacing worn or damaged windscreen wipers and keeping a clean pair of sunglasses in your car all year round.

Use of Speed

It is easy to lose track of your speed, especially when driving in fog, due to lack of visible reference points. Keep checking your speedometer and don’t rely on following another vehicle’s rear lights.


With reduced daylight hours and increased chances of fog, it is crucial to check your rear lights and headlights are working before you set off. In fog, remember to avoid using the main headlight beam when behind or approaching another driver – always use dipped headlights when on the move.

Please also be careful when using automatic lights. Heavy rain or fog in daytime can reduce your vision and vehicle visibility to dangerous levels, but it might still be bright enough to prevent automated lights from coming on.

Leaves, Puddles & Potholes

Falling leaves and endless rain can make for very dangerous roads, disguising potholes, road markings and key visual markers. Hitting a patch of wet leaves can almost be as bad as hitting black ice, so leave a longer following distance, slow down and watch out for puddles.

Driver Fatigue

Travelling in low sun or thick fog can be tiring. Driver fatigue is a major cause of collisions. Drivers should organise their journeys to incorporate driving breaks before the onset of fatigue. At minimum, a 15-minute break every 2 hours is recommended.

Vehicle Maintenance

With fading light and lowering temperatures, vehicle maintenance is key. Do a POWDER check: Power for the journey; sufficient Oil; Water for washers and other fluids; Damage to lights, windows, mirrors; Electrics - bulbs, wipers, washers, horn and warning lights, Rubber; tyres, wiper blades

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