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Road with sun

Education, not punishment

If you’ve committed a driving offence (such as speeding) or had a crash, we provide NDORS driver re-training courses on behalf of the police.

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What to expect from your course

We help you make better, and safe, driving decisions. We do this by sharing the latest information and challenging your driving beliefs. The feedback we get shows we make a difference.

We run 9 different education courses for 12 police forces and TfL from over 60 venues throughout the country

Experienced trainers

We work hard to provide high quality training that drivers find interesting, informative and useful, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Content to make you think

We want everyone to make better driving decisions after their course so we provide information to learn and time to discuss and reflect, using National Driver Offenders Retraining Scheme (NDORS) content.

Easy Booking

Choosing and booking the course you want to attend is easy and straightforward through our online booking portal and app. We also offer phone bookings too.

Courses that suit your lifestyle

We offer accessible training courses at good locations throughout the country at various times during weekdays, evenings and at weekends

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