Attending an Online Course

Just booked?

Where is my booking confirmation?
You will receive an email confirmation within an hour of booking, please check your spam or junk folders if you do not see it, you can resend your email from our booking website, you will need your driving licence and postcode to log in.

I cannot login – I am having trouble connecting?
Please refer to the guidance on our Drivetech website for technical help on how to join your course. You should refer to your joining instructions for the link to join the course. In addition, there is some useful third-party guidance on how to improve your internet signal at home here 

I do not have a camera on my computer device – can I still attend?
You must have a camera facility on the device you use to access the online course. The trainer needs to see that you are present for the entire duration of the course and to also check your ID before you join the main course.

  • Do you have a smart phone which has a camera as this can be used?
  • Alternatively, is there anyone in your household who has a device with a camera you can use?

As this is an alternative to prosecution, your alternative option will be the decision of the Police about the next steps. Please wait for them to contact you in the event that you cannot participate on an online course.

I am self-isolating with my children and I do not have childcare provision – how do I attend the online course?
It is a requirement to be able to complete the course from a quiet space in order to allow you to concentrate and fully engage. If this is not possible then one of the other prosecution options will need to be considered. We are offering 3 virtual courses per day – so maybe consider the best time-slot option for you?

I am not computer-literate, but I have a friend or family member that could help. Is this ok?
Yes. You will need to mute your microphone during the course if your assistant remains throughout, apart from when you are asked to actively participate. Hopefully, you will only require initial set-up support prior to the start, and you should then be self-sufficient.

Can I have an interpreter with me on the course?
Courses with BSL interpreters are available. Please email us at prior to booking.

What is the option if I cannot attend the online course?
You details will be passed back to the referring police force. As this is an alternative to prosecution, the police will be in touch to advise on next steps.

Is there a cost to download “TEAMS” – the online platform you use?
No. This is free to download from online app stores as an application, or you can access from the internet.

Is this going to work on older computer equipment?
If the device/software is still supported, it should be compatible. We do recommend you test the system in advance of your course time to avoid any last minute glitches.

If I get disconnected part-way through the course, would I be able to rebook free of charge?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to try again. However, as connection issues are widely subjective, free of charge rebook will apply on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of the ‘fault’. Please note that rebooking is subject to availability within your completion deadline.

Will there be a break during the course?
Yes, we will operate in the same way as at venue locations with an approximate 10 minute break in the middle.

Do you allow Flexi-booking?
Yes, the option to pay an additional charge to have the flexibility to change the date/time of your originally booked online course will be available.


What does the course involve?
The course aims to educate attendees about the impact of their actions, and to help them understand the effect their behaviour has on their victims. The course does not humiliate individuals or hold them accountable. You will be attending the course with other participants and must be present throughout the course, if attending an online course you must have your camera and microphone on at all times.

Attendees will not be asked details of their offence.

Can I fail the course?
There is no pass or fail. However, the trainer will engage everyone present during the course, you will be required to participate to complete successfully, and you must not disrupt the trainer.

Will there be a test?
There is no specific test. However, you do have to complete the course and fully engage with the online workshop as instructed by the trainer.

What do I need to bring with me?
When you attend your course, you must produce suitable photographic identification for example driving licence or passport. 

What if I don’t have a driving licence or passport to hand?
If you do not have photographic ID, please contact the customer care team on 0344 264 6323

Your Personal Information

What happens to the personal information I provide?
Your personal details are protected by GDPR (the General Data Protection Act 2018). If you participate in the course, you agree to your details being checked by us against our register to establish if you have completed a similar course within the last three years of this offence.

Your personal details will not at any time made available to the public by Drivetech, or used by any other parts of the AA.


Why is my Driving Licence number not recognised?
If you are experiencing issues booking your course online, please contact our customer care team on 0344 264 6323 and one of our advisers will be able to look into the issue for you.

How can I change my booking?
If you have flexible booking, you can change your course free of charge up until 6pm the day before your course. Alternatively Yes, but you may incur rescheduling fees – see the clause on ‘Rescheduling’ in our Terms and Conditions. You may reschedule via our website at

I can no longer attend the course?
If you have booked a place and you do not attend for any reason (except ‘exceptional circumstances’), we recommend that you book another course immediately, subject to availability and payment of any rebooking fees that may apply. You can amend your booking via our website at If you don’t rebook, you will be ineligible to attend the Scheme and the Police will consider prosecuting you for the offence. See our clause on ‘Non-attendance‘ in our Terms and Conditions.