Benefits of the course

Local venues available throughout England and Northern Ireland

Training in a relaxed environment

Choose a date and time that suits you and easy to book online or by phone

No pass or fail tests
There is no pass or fail test; you need to make sure you arrive on time and stay for the session

Less likely to commit another offence
With an educational course you are less likely to commit another offence

No fine or penalty points
You do not need to pay the fine and penalty points will not be added to your licence

About the course

RiDE (Rider intervention Developing Experience) course addresses the behaviour of those motorcyclists whose riding could be described as thrill or sensation seeking. It also caters for those who, by the very nature of their riding, could be perceived as anti-social or careless. It helps riders to gain a broader understanding of the risks, and potential dangers, of their riding decisions.

This is a key course within the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS), and is supported by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

The course is 6 hours long, including an hour lunch break, and the price varies depending on the location.

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Attending the course

The course is designed to take you on a journey that:

  • Examines your approach to risk
  • Probes the beliefs surrounding inappropriate behaviour
  • Looks at the positive effects of mindset change
  • Helps you build an action plan to sustain the positive changes after the course


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