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In vehicle

Driver Assessments

Are your drivers at risk?

We offer market-leading driver assessments online and on-road

Online driving assessments

our online driver risk assessments enable a driver’s exposure to risk to be identified via our website. No formal booking or driving is required as the site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

On-road assessments

through a combination of pre-driving checks and a one-hour on-road practical driving assessment with a fully trained driving assessor, this approach can provide more human interaction and discussion. It is particularly suitable for drivers where web access is impractical

On road, in car

Driver Assessments

Driver Assessments are a key component of a comprehensive road risk strategy. They also identify drivers who, due to their driving activities, history, attitude and knowledge, may be exposed to higher risks while driving. By identifying ‘at-risk drivers’, the organisation can target their training, reduce collision rates and resulting operating costs, as well as meeting their duty of care obligations and minimising their potential exposure to corporate manslaughter legislation.