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E-Scooter rental trials

With more than 40 cities either launching or planning to launch public rental schemes, e-scooters are proving to be a popular micromobility solution across the UK.

Keeping the roads safe for all road users

Inexperienced riders present a danger to road safety, and training should be considered a vital tool in the minimising of risk for all road users. That’s why we’ve produced safety solutions for a number of e-scooter companies who have been awarded trial contracts.

Training with a name you can trust

Drivetech, part of the AA, offers over 30 years of dedicated driver training expertise across numerous vehicle types.

Multiple training methods

Safety modules and e-learnings have proven to be a very popular way to consume rider safety content among users of e-scooters. We have produced rider safety resources for a variety of leading e-scooter rental organisations.

With the current UK public rental trials underway, e-scooters are becoming an increasingly visible part of the urban mobility landscape.

E-Scooters have recently become a much touted example of a new, green form of transport around cities. We recognise the importance of safety awareness for the e-scooter rider themselves and we’re also working to increase awareness of this new personal mobility mode more generally. We aim to ultimately encourage a safe “share the road” attitude from all other road users.

With privately owned e-scooters still illegal to use on anything other than private land with the permission of the landowner, the legal way to experience and benefit from the flexibility of an e-scooter is by shared rental programmes. E-scooter safety has become a widely discussed issue, that’s why Drivetech is using it’s wide-reaching road safety experience to create e-scooter training and safety resources.

You can find out more about the current Government roll-out here.

Find out more about Drivetech’s training provision for safety in rental e-scooters here.

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