Technical subject matter expertise on road safety has been provided by leading psychologists from Cranfield University and Cito (Institute for Educational Management).

The portal provides both Drivers and Managers access to a range of content under the following categories:

Assessment Tools: These assessments identify areas where the drivers are strong and areas where there is scope for development. The tools help to identify a tailored training plan for individual drivers. The results of the assessments can be accessed by drivers, managers and coaches via the portal. 

E-Learning: A range of Safe Driving and Eco Driving e-learning modules can be accessed via the portal. These modules can either be linked to the results of assessments or taken independently.

Driver Communication: The portal can be used to communicate with drivers through emails, news content and PDF documents, such as company policies.

Management Information: A suite of reports that allow administrators to track progress and results. 

Portal Configuration: Administrators are able to configure a portal to the requirements of a client, including branding by adding logos and customised colours and customised email templates for communications with drivers.


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