The following modules/products can be completed or managed via the FleetRiskManager portal:

LiveView displays the risk level of each driver, as well as their status on each module. They can be filtered by High, Medium and Low Risk.

PermitToDrive is effectively an internal driving licence. It allows you to set the parameters for when drivers can drive on behalf of your business by completing a combination of Drivetech’s online and On-Road or Workshop products offering. By introducing this, you are able to ensure your fleet drivers are legal, have the correct category entitlements, are correctly assessed and, where needed, trained for the specific vehicles they drive.

LicenceCheck stores details and provides the status of driving licence validation performed with the relevant driving licence checking authority (DVLA or DVA). e-Check, our paperless licence check product, allows your drivers to easily complete the online Fair Processing Declaration Form or DVA Mandate.

AssessOnline driver risk assessments enable a driver’s exposure to risk to be identified at the desktop. The assessment combines driving history, anticipation, observation, behaviour and knowledge to provide a credible ‘risk exposure’ profile.

LearnOnline training modules target specific areas of concern and provide your drivers additional training resources, these modules are dynamically assigned based upon completion of the AssessOnline module. The modules are fully interactive and are designed to develops a driver’s knowledge and challenge their driving attitude and behaviour. A combination of real-life photography, video, 3D animation and interactive games are used to illustrate key scenarios and keep drivers engaged.


displays the On-Road training courses taken by each of your drivers. It details when each course was taken, the overall risk rating and further training recommendations (where required). You can also view a copy of the driver report and their feedback on each course.

FleetData allows the driver or company to record vehicle types and details irrespective of whether it is a company vehicle, a contract hire vehicle, cash scheme vehicle or the driver’s privately-owned vehicle.  The module allows a driver to store documents relating to their vehicle for example MOT, insurance certificate and tax to ensure drivers vehicles are not only legal to drive but also that the driver is adhering to your company’s driving for work policy.

CollisionData enables accident information to be entered by a driver. It also allows a manager to view, edit and add collision data for any driver they manage. Accident information can be monitored on an individual, location or company basis.

Telematics Data, if available, can be used alongside our driver assessments to profile your drivers’ exposure to risk based on their driving activities and behaviour.


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