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DriveTech Cancellation Policy

You: as used below “you refers to the ticket buyer, attendee or representative from the company named on the booking.

15 working days’ notice: working days are classed as Monday to Friday and are counted between the day you request cancellation or cancel, and the day the course is due to be delivered. This excludes weekends.

Funded Course: Are FORS courses delivered by DriveTech to which there is no attendance charge (including. Free, subsidised, part funded or fully funded courses). Funded course bookings that are open to the public are valued at £55.00+VAT for a non-cycling course and £74.00+VAT for courses with a cycling module.

Why does DriveTech charge for cancelation and failure to attend?
DriveTech understands that on occasion, delegates will book onto events and subsequently find that either the driver or the company are unable to attend. If you or your company notify us of your cancellation with more than 15 days prior to the course taking place, there will be no charge for the cancellation. You can also update the attendee details (E.G change driver name) right up until the day of the course. You may be asked to provide further details when requested to do so by DriveTech.

When a booking is cancelled without 15 days notification or a delegate fails to attend, charges are payable. this is due to the following reasons:
  • Each of our courses have resources involved (e.g. venue, theory trainer, or cycle trainer for some courses) and we rely on course attendance to cover these costs. The funded courses have a Service Level Agreement to receive this funding. If a minimum attendance is not reached, we incur a fee and future funding for FORs courses may be affected.
  • Eligibility for the above funding relies on delegates adhering to the cancellation policy, to ensure that money is being allocated correctly.
How to cancel:
You can cancel the booking via Eventbrite. Alternatively, you can call our office with your cancelation request on 01256 495731 and press option 1. Please be prepared to provide us with your order number, and the current course date booked. If you provide DriveTech with more than 15 working days’ notice of your wish to cancel, no charges would be payable.

If you provide DriveTech with less than 15 working days’ notice a £55.00 + VAT fee will be payable for a non-cycling course. For a course containing a cycling module a £74.00 + VAT fee will be payable per ticket.
If you wish to cancel an individual from a group booking, please call us using the information stated above, we are more than happy to assist you.
Charges payable:
Please note that you will be required to ride a cycle on this course. If you are unable to ride a cycle for any reason, you may be charged a cancellation fee.
Cancellation of a TfL funded course booked as a private course:
Private funded courses are funded by Transport for London and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, a minimum of 18 participants MUST attend each course. If less than 18 participants attend on the actual day of the course a fee of £900.00 + VAT will be charged to you to cover the cost of the training.
If you wish to cancel a booking, then you must provide us with a minimum of 15 working days’ notice. If you cancel a course with less than 15 working days’ notice, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of £900 + VAT.
Settling your invoice:
If you receive a cancelation invoice it must be settled in full within 14 days of the notification. Failure to do so may prevent you or your company being able to attend other free, subsidised or funded events and courses. If you have any queries Please call DriveTech on 01256 610896 then press option 3, and we can assist you further.
Cancellation of a course by DriveTech:
If DriveTech cancel a course that you have chosen to attend and you have paid for the CPC licence upload fee, DriveTech will offer you a full refund or a credit transfer for a future training event. Full advice on refunds/ Credits will be provided at the time of cancellation.
Lost certificates can be replaced up to 90 days from the course date. An administration fee of £15.00 will be payable at the time of the request. To request a replacement certificate please call 01256 495731 and press option 1.