It’s well known that employers have a duty of care to their employees in general and those who drive for work – whether professionally or as part of their job. By understanding the potential risks and acting on them, not only can the risk of death or injury while driving be reduced but cost-savings in fuel consumption, damage costs, time off work and insurance premiums can be made. Additionally, an organisation can clearly demonstrate their commitment to health and safety legislation, reduce the risk of being prosecuted under Corporate Manslaughter legislation and ensure the reputation of their brand is maintained.

At DriveTech, we have developed a holistic approach, supported by our online platforms, FleetRiskManager for UK businesses and DriverPortal for International businesses. Our approach recognises that different companies have different approaches and may be further down this risk reduction process than others. Our programmes are designed to be flexible and cost-effective for the customer and backed by the strength of one of the UK’s most prestigious names, the AA.

The key to a successful driver risk management programme is the ability to identify, measure and evidence the reduction in overall fleet risk and an improvement in efficiency. Knowing your current exposure to risk and particularly who in your driving community has or has not completed any part of your chosen driving for work programme is essential. 

Find out more about your obligations as a business in the UK from the Health & Safety Executive here.