Our products and solutions make a real impact.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational or a start-up. 

Whether you manage a fleet with thousands of drivers across many countries or you have a small fleet of privately-owned vehicles, your problem is the same. Every mile driven on the road presents a risk to your employees and your business.

Drivetech offers you a unique approach to manage and reduce risk. We’ll help you to save lives, save money, and protect your business’s reputation. We can even help you to reduce your Co2 emissions through better driver behaviour and electric vehicle familiarisation.

Here’s how we work:

  • Assessing and consulting: We work together with you and your company to understand your current fleet practices across your company, vehicle fleet and driver community. This gives the opportunity to establish the baseline of success together.
  • Coaching and Training: Based on the insight we have gained and the information we received, Drivetech develop a tailor-made driver training programme, just to fit your organisation and your drivers. This coaching could be on-road, online, or a workshop.
  • Monitoring and Improving: Once your programme is up and running, we monitor progress and make recommendations for improvements. Our team meets regularly with you to review and implement the changes required to your programme to keep your driving community safe.

Implementing a driver training programme brings huge potential benefits:

  • Reduction in damages & injuries                               
  • Reduction in insurance costs and premiums
  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions             
  • Reduction of hidden costs, replacement vehicles or absenteeism
  • Improved customer service & staff well-being and retention
  • Compliance with: Employer’s Duty of Care, HSE Policies, CSR goals, being an Employer of Choice

UK Coverage

We’re a market leader in the UK and work in partnership with customers large and small. In the UK, we have many different types of customers, including large national retailers, specialist transportation businesses and logistics companies. Whether your employees drive leased passenger cars, vans, trucks or their own vehicles, you still have a duty of care to keep them safe.

We’re also a leader in the professional driver market. Some of our customers include large truck operations with needs such as Driver CPC compliance and specialist on road coaching, to driver quality management services in the bus, coach and taxi/ride-hailing sectors.

No matter what your fleet looks like and what requirements you have, let’s talk about how we can keep your drivers safe.


International coverage

Globally, through Drivetech International, the business enjoys relationships with large multi-country operations where there is a need to have an overarching provider of driver risk management and driver training services across different territories and countries.

You’ll benefit from our consultative approach to driver safety. We work to understand your key issues and challenges and then provide recommendations based on your fleet risk.

A comprehensive product portfolio, including powerful online and on-road defensive driver training, means that we are able to super-charge your driver safety objectives with demonstrable benefit to your drivers and your business.


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The session that Keith ran for our Area Managers was brilliantly. He was very approachable and made the whole session fun as well as informative which was exactly what we wanted. I have shared with my colleagues across the business how great this session was and can’t thank you enough for the support I was given from Kate to get this all together. Well Done to Keith who was a real credit to your company!

Sarah Boxall, Greggs