The Product

BrightCoach powered by Drivetech is a full-service fleet risk management solution. It consists of:

  • An app that is downloaded to each driver’s smartphone or tablet – it then automatically detects driving trips, collects data to assess driver behaviour, and incentivises safe driving
  • Drivetech e-learning modules customised for each driver and delivered in-app
  • A portal for company managers that delivers actionable insight on fleet risk including identification of unsafe drivers and areas for improvement
  • A fully-managed driver safety programme



  • Monitoring of real-life driving behaviour across all work-related drivers without needing to install any hardware
  • Automated and customised e-learning training interventions from Drivetech 
  • Driver friendly (no location tracking or “Big Brother”)
  • Gamification of safe driving via driver rewards program
  • Elimination of smartphone distraction (one of the key causes of collisions)
  • Unique view on contextual driving risk (e.g. speeding around junctions or sharp bends)
  • Value-added features (e.g. mileage expensing assistant)
  • Actionable insight & fully managed driver safety program delivered to company managers
  • Certified, enterprise-grade, IT security & GDPR compliance
  • Also available in French


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