Assess your drivers’ risk based on the vehicle they drive, rather than with a one-size fits all approach. In addition to our assessment for car drivers, our portfolio now also includes dedicated assessments for drivers of vans, large goods and passenger carrying vehicles.

A cost-effective and accessible way to assess your company drivers’ risks, whilst keeping downtime to a minimum. The primary outcome of the assessment reflects the driver’s situation and history and the second part of the programme assesses knowledge on a range of subjects to give a final overview score indicating your drivers potential exposure to risk.

Online Assessments

Our online assessments focus on a driver’s situation, history and knowledge with questions related to the type of vehicle they drive for work. Many factors are considered, and the information below highlights a few of the key differences to demonstrate our unique approach:

Courses Buses Cars & SUVs Coaches E-Scooters Lorries Off-Road Vans & LCVs
Car Assessment

Our flagship product for assessing a company car driver’s risk has been redeveloped to reflect current best practice. Initially this product was aimed at both car and van drivers but as the product has evolved, the need for vehicle-specific assessments has become more and more evident. This assessment has now been re-designed purely with the car driver in mind. Amongst other things it takes into account any previous driver training intervention your employee may have experienced within a three year period and how often they drive for work.

LCV Assessment

Light commercial vehicles are not designed to be driven the same as a passenger car. With this in mind, our LCV Assessment concentrates on subjects specific to driving an LCV including hours spent driving each day, how to secure a load properly and speed limits.

LGV Assessment

There has been a growing demand from our customers for us to design an assessment specific to drivers of Large Goods Vehicles. This assessment considers if a driver has undertaken any Driver CPC training, their understanding of the Highway Code, Drivers’ Hours regulations, load safety and the Working Time Directive.

PCV Assessment

We have also identified the requirement in the market for an assessment for drivers of Passenger Carrying Vehicles. Two versions of this assessment have been designed with bus and coach drivers in mind. It also considers if a driver has undertaken any Driver CPC training, and focuses on subjects like keeping your company compliant and passenger safety.

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