Available Assessments

Online driving assessments

Online driver risk assessments are a cost-effective and accessible way to assess the risk of fleet drivers. The online assessment creates a ‘risk exposure’ profile for each driver. This can be used to identify drivers who are high risk.

On-road assessments

On-road driver risk assessments are a practical way to assess the risk of fleet drivers. The assessment is carried out with a qualified driving assessor. This approach provides opportunity for discussion and practical learning.


Assessing the risk to your fleet of drivers is not a one size fits all solution.

DriveTech advises a blend of solutions to closely fit your own business requirements and as you might expect, everything must start with assessment and data evaluation. 

There are many ways of assessing your employees and your choice will depend on the needs and culture of your business. Many organisations begin by using a telematics, (black box) system to monitor their driver’s behaviour.  This can help your team to evaluate the areas of greatest risk and fine tune your response. 

Pre-driver training assessments:

Driver Risk Assessment via our FleetRiskManager portal

This is a situation and knowledge risk assessment that can lead to our industry leading e-Learning interventions when purchased as a package.

DriverMetrics: Driver Risk Assessment, (DRA): (also used internationally in 35 languages)

Working with our partners at Cranfield University, this is a situation, attitude and behavioural psychometric assessment.

Driver Self-Assessment, (DSA):

The DSA is available in multiple languages and used extensively with our international product. This self-assessment is used to facilitate the coaching conversation and a similar report is written up at the end by the training coach, giving the participant a valuable insight of their own strengths and development areas for the future.

On road 1.5-hour practical driving assessment:

You’ll receive a full report from one of our expert trainers and a further training session may be advised after the event.

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