How does it work?

Driver’s Mate is a brand-new way of communicating with drivers. It is all about giving them little reminders of their moral and legal obligations before they start their driving shift. Sometimes, a full e-learning is just too long or impractical to arrange. This led to us creating 90 second videos in a more informal context, that ping on your work phone or device, and are easy to watch and remember.

Driver’s Mate uses nudge theory to indirectly encourage people towards better behaviours, taking account of ‘real life’ human tendencies. This is proven to change people’s attitudes and their behaviour, rather than more autocratic e-learning. 90 seconds doesn’t sound like a long time BUT it is amazing how much information can be portrayed in this timeframe, especially when they are being told a story, rather than a statistic.

Specifically benefiting commercial vehicle drivers, the team at Drivetech works with fleet managers to evaluate driver needs and provide a suite of videos that suit the exact requirements of the business in simple digestible parts.

People believe in statistics, but they remember stories. And finally, for your peace of mind, every Driver’s Mate episode includes messages about compliance, driver behaviour and cost savings.


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Check out the video below and you’ll see why Driver’s Mate is the ultimate tool to help instil safe driver behaviour and change attitudes, all on your smartphone screen. Contact Us to get started.



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