Accelerate your Electric Journey 

With increasing numbers of electric vehicles being introduced as part of modern driving fleets, it is crucial for drivers to be educated on the unique operation, maintenance and driving strategies required to maximise safety and efficiency.

Our resources and course portfolio will help engage and educate your drivers. Take them on your EV transition journey to a greener, safer and more sustainable fleet.

Reduce risk and maximise safety. We have a suite of products dedicated to electric mobility. Our online and classroom-based workshops, and our on-road sessions, are suitable for anyone who drives an electric vehicle on behalf of your business, either in a company vehicle or privately-owned grey fleet vehicle.

  • Educate your drivers to ensure your business and drivers get the most out of their EV
  • Create the right mindset across your driver community
  • Ensure your drivers fully appreciate the differences between Electric Vehicles (EV) and Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)


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Product Portfolio

Courses Buses Cars & SUVs Coaches E-Scooters Lorries Off-Road Vans & LCVs
EV Familiarisation | E-Learning Module

Improve driver safety and enjoyment through the use of fuel efficient driving techniques. Read more.

EV Familiarisation | Workshop for Car Drivers

Designed specifically for drivers of electric cars. There are significant differences when compared to driving a ‘regular’ car and this workshop helps to bridge that gap. Read more.

EV Familiarisation | On-Road Course

Introductory training session, designed for drivers who are new to, or are thinking of driving an Electric Vehicle (EV). The session is a blend of vehicle familiarisation, safe vehicle operation and efficiency. Read more.

EV Real World Driver | On-Road Course

Understand the unique operation, maintenance & driving strategies required to maximise safety and efficiency of Electric Vehicles (EV). In addition to vehicle familiarisation, this on-road session includes coaching for maximising range, charging strategy & safe operation, ensuring your business & drivers get the most out of these innovative vehicles. Read more.

EV | UK Charging Infrastructure (Free Module)

Are your drivers anxious about charging their electric vehicle? Worry no further. We’ve got them covered with solutions on how to find charging stations, what cables they need, how long charging may take and how much it will cost. Read more.

EV Co-Driver | E-Learning Modules

EV Co-Driver is a brand-new way of communicating with drivers of Electric Vehicle (EV). Based on ‘nudge’ theory, it’s a fun and immersive way to educate drivers on new technology and best practice. Read more.


“ABB have been working collaboratively with Drivetech on our EV transformation journey. This has included developing and delivering a new EV familiarisation course for our company car drivers. Initially delivered to our senior management team, the feedback was excellent with the training well delivered, and the content relevant. We feel reassured that we have a proactive driver training partner in Drivetech; especially as we implement our sustainability strategy, which our EV ambitions form a key part.”

David Day, UK HSE Manager at ABB

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