E-Scooters in the UK 

With many operators now up and running across local authority and transport hubs in the UK, this area is an important one for road safety.

Amongst the leading players emerging in the UK market, TIER, Lime, Voi, Dott, Bird and many more, there is a responsible recognition that safety education and training is a vital ingredient for their successful adoption and integration into the modern road user network.

Safety is paramount to successful implementation of e-scooter trials across the UK. Inexperienced riders present a danger to road safety, and training should be considered a vital tool in the minimising of risk for all road users. That’s why we’ve produced safety solutions for a number of e-scooter companies who have been awarded trial contracts.


E-Scooter Safety

Drivetech can help and has pioneered in this sector with some good quality e-scooter training assets in support of some of these leading businesses. From educational videos to specific online training modules and more – we can help. And we will keep a watching brief on the government consultations as they consider the further legalisation of all usage – not just limited to public shared rental, but private use too.

We recognise the importance of safety awareness for the e-scooter rider themselves and we’re also working to increase awareness of this new personal mobility mode more generally. We aim to ultimately encourage a safe “share the road” attitude from all other road users.

If you’re a business, or company that works with e-scooters, contact us to find out more



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