PULSE is a comprehensive and actionable fleet risk health check for the business community covering policies, drivers, vehicles and journeys – helping you to appreciate where the business is currently, and what the business leaders might need to prioritise for action. It’s an ideal way to kick-start a full appraisal of the organisation’s approach to driver risk, or a means of re-calibrating an existing driver risk programme that has not been reviewed for a significant period.

There’s also a strong educational aspect to a fleet health check, highlighting good practice and areas for improvement – in particular where there are indications that you are not conforming to legal requirements. It also instigates a new focus on driver risk management in your business or re-starts an existing programme that might need checking and re-calibrating to improve momentum.

PULSE will ensure that you work towards conforming to Health & Safety at Work legislation that extends to your drivers, and will also identify key aspects of your duty of care and whether you are providing this adequately, or perhaps it is in need of a re-focus and improvement. Our commitment is to help improve driver safety on-road, reduce collisions (and therefore reparation costs), save lives and help manage your reputation.



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