Benefits of the course

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At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop coping strategies to avoid future incidents
  • Identify how to overcome barriers to future safe driving behaviours, intentions or driving techniques ‒ identify the root cause of the original incident
  • Feel more confident behind the wheel through improved observation and reassurance
  • Identify and respond to hazards earlier

About the course

This course is customisable to support an employee following an incident, whether that be a collision or a traffic offence, such as speeding or using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

The aim is to discuss the incident with the driver in detail to pinpoint the primary cause and identify a solution to prevent re-occurrence. Where telematics data is available, this can also be factored in as part of the initial investigation.

This training helps to develop a driver’s confidence and address any driving faults and personal factors e.g. changes in thoughts, feelings and emotions which may have contributed to the incident.

A full day will be required to build confidence following a collision.

On this course, participants will:

  • Review the incident and circumstances, and identify any contributory factors supported by sketches or photographs (where necessary)
  • Identify the root cause of the incident to make accurate recommendations
  • Complete an assessment drive
  • Recognise strengths and weaknesses and agree new development objectives
  • Receive trainer demonstrations with instructional commentary
  • Carry out a practice drive using suggested techniques (half day) – repeat drive & further develop confidence (full day)
  • Set personal objectives to prevent re-occurrence

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