Benefits of the course

Suitable for those with little or no experience
Most value to those with little or no experience, who need to drive off-road occasionally as part of their job

About the course

The full-day course is designed for a 1:3 ratio starting at 09.00 am. The course emphasises the health and safety aspects of driving off-road and comprises:

  • An interactive workshop to introduce the types of 4×4 systems available, how to ensure your safety and the safety of others, vehicle and journey preparation, and the principles of  negotiating typical off-road terrain
  • A demonstration drive with a qualified DriveTech off-road instructor who will illustrate key principles of off-road driving
  • Practical ‘behind the wheel’ tuition, enabling the delegates to practice the techniques themselves including gradients, slopes, rough terrain, mud and water
  • Each delegate receives feedback on their performance and a DriveTech certificate (RoSPA-accredited) if they complete the course successfully

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