Benefits of the course

Suitable for those who have completed the basic course
Designed as a standalone for drivers who have completed the basic course within the previous 3 months or as day 2 following a basic course

Ideal for those who drive off-road regularly
It is perfect for delegates who drive off-road on a regular basis as part of their job

About the course

The full-day course is designed for a 1:3 ratio starting at 09.00 am. The course emphasises the health and safety aspects of driving off-road and comprises:

  • Advanced route planning
  • Vehicle loading and securing, drive loaded vehicle on set route, to include X axle traction techniques and driving a V shaped gulley
  • Reversing out of a failed route with/without using a banksman
  • Self-recovery using a tow rope with a banksman/radios/lowered tyre pressures and traction mats
  • Driving through water (site and season dependent)

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