Benefits of the course

National Coverage
Local venues available throughout the UK

Choose a date and time that suits you and easy to book online or by phone

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use contemporary driving techniques to reduce risk and improve fuel efficiency
  • See an immediate improvement in their MPG (miles per gallon)
  • Predict outcomes and identify ways to avoid future situations where they are most likely to be at risk of being involved in a road traffic incident
  • Carry out ongoing post training self-development of their own driving performance


About the course

This highly-engaging half-day course looks to understand a driver’s exposure to risk and reduce the likelihood of them being involved in future road incidents.

Participants are encouraged to discuss vehicle technology, hazard awareness and explore methods to achieve better fuel efficiency and implement driving techniques required for driving a modern vehicle. The combination of on-road training and visual resources, helps to improve fuel efficiency and enhance a driver’s performance.

The end result will be a competent driver who is capable of managing the daily pressures of driving their vehicle for work with the use of personal coping strategies, contemporary driving techniques and the safe application of modern technology.

On this course, participants will:

  • Take part in a short assessment drive
  • Cover the Fuel Efficient Driving module to:
    • Explore methods to achieve better fuel efficiency
    • Identify focus areas for personal improvement
    • Agree a set of personal objectives
  • Observe a trainer demo drive, displaying fuel-efficient & best driving practices
  • Receive coaching to the agreed objectives
  • Receive a full driver training report with advice for continued risk reduction & fuel-efficient driving

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