Benefits of the course

National Coverage
Local venues available throughout the UK

Choose a date and time that suits you and easy to book online or by phone

Fully JAUPT-approved and registered course
DriveTech is a JAUPT-Approved Centre (Centre No: AC00032) and this course will count towards your drivers’ 35 hours of periodic training

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the driving task involved on today’s roads
  • Be better equipped to deal with the pressures and distractions encountered with work-related driving
  • Be more informed and make improved driving decisions, thus reducing the driving risk

About the course

The course is designed for professional drivers and employees who drive larger vehicles for work on a regular basis and how they can reduce their exposure to risk.

Real World In-Vehicle is a driver awareness course designed to influence a driver’s attitude and behaviour, improve competence and can be delivered whilst the driver is working. It will increase a driver’s safety margins, provide awareness of speed limits and compliance, encourage a more proactive approach behind the wheel and provide a practical update on the Highway Code.

The course involves:

Pre-driving safety checks

  • Driving licence
  • Eyesight
  • Vehicle checks

Practical on-road training

  • Initial assessment drive by delegates with debrief and set training objectives
  • Train key objectives to develop driver’s ability
  • Final assessment drive to ensure progress has been made

On a one-to-one basis the trainer will go through the assessment form discussing what will be included in the final typed report and ensuring personal objectives were met.

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