Benefits of the course

Available online
All your drivers need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with in-built camera and sound, sufficient broadband and non-distracting area from which to take part

Available in classroom
Local venues available throughout the UK

Choose a date and time that suits you

Fully JAUPT-approved and registered course
DriveTech is a JAUPT-Approved Centre (Centre No: AC00032) and this course will count towards your drivers’ 35 hours of periodic training

About the course

This course is designed for professional drivers and employees, regardless of their experience, who wish to gain a better understanding of the ways stress and various types of addiction affect drivers and their performance.

This workshop explores the causes of stress amongst drivers and the ways stress and various types of addiction affect professional drivers and their performance. It discusses coping strategies on how to help reduce risk. Addiction is also covered with discussions on smoking, alcohol and both illegal and prescription drugs and the role these can have on a driver’s ability to drive safely.

This course includes:

Driving stress and managing pressure
This section gives information to the delegate about the different types of stress encountered when driving, with the positives and negatives surrounding stress discussed. Drivers have to deal with potentially pressurised situations when driving such as traffic jams, roadworks and company work schedules etc. Delegates will be given information on how to appraise stressful situations and practical advice on how to alleviate this.

Anger on the road
The UK road network is becoming more congested and drivers are competing for available space. Practical advice is given throughout this section on how to recognise the signs of angry drivers and how to avoid potential conflict.

A driver and emotions
Driving is a complex task, this section informs the delegate on how their emotions can have a detrimental effect on their driving ability. Practical advice will be given on how to understanding emotional triggers to avoid potential adverse consequences.

Understanding addiction
This section explores with the delegates the term “addiction”. How to recognise a person with an addiction, their characteristics (the common characteristics of obsession, loss of control, negative consequences and denial will be discussed and analysed) and personality changes.

Smoking and alcohol
This section informs the delegate about the ill effects of smoking and how current legislation is enforced within their industry. It also covers the ill effects of alcohol abuse and how this has a direct negative effect on road casualties. Current legislation regarding the amount of alcohol that can be safely consumed and the differences between England and Scotland’s alcohol limit will be discussed.

This section devotes itself to a delegates understanding of the detrimental effects of taking any sort of drugs. The commonly found drugs will be discussed such as cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine and how even prescription drugs can have an effect on a drivers.

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