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At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Drive a right-hand drive car, safely on the left to an acceptable standard within the UK
  • Identify and respond to common UK road signs and speed limits
  • Identify the most convenient route to and from their office and accommodation, where possible
  • Identify the need for additional driver training to help obtain a UK driving licence (if required) 
  • Demonstrate the ability to drive in all UK road environments and deal safely with junctions
  • Use driving mirrors effectively and respond accordingly

About the course

Designed for drivers who are unfamiliar with driving on UK roads. Includes a mixture of an interactive workshop and practical on-road experience. The course recognises the wide range of road systems around the world, so our experienced trainers will tailor the course to each individual.

The aim of the course is to develop the driver’s knowledge and skills to drive safely on UK roads. All drivers will identify their own personal coping strategies to help achieve safe driving standards. We recommend that this course is arranged and completed before any vehicle is given to the driver and that a full day is spent with most drivers, although half day options are available.

On this course, participants will:

  • Familiarise themselves with driving in the UK
  • Compare their actual risks of driving in the UK to their previous driving experience
  • Use contemporary driving techniques to reduce risk, driving related stress and improve efficiency
  • Recognise UK driving & legal requirements i.e. speed limits, road signs, junctions, alcohol levels, use of mobile phones

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