Benefits of the course

Accessible 24/7
Can be completed at any time that is convenient, including being accessible via a mobile device

After a driver completes their risk assessment, they complete bitesize e-learning modules tailored to the answers they have given.

Reduces exposure to risk
By targeting the driver’s highest risk areas, their exposure to that risk is addressed and minimised.

The modules are each only 10 minutes in length

Keep information fresh in your drivers minds
Each module can be followed up over a matter of weeks or months with three 2-minute micro teach modules

About the course

Introducing a simple methodology: What to check, how and when to do it.

This is one of the 24 e-Learning modules available from DriveTech. They are assigned according to the outcomes of your employees’ driver risk assessments. This ensures that the learning intervention is tailored to your driver’s needs based on the answers they gave, rather than applying a one size fits all approach, and is considerate of their time.

The modules are visual and interactive, using gamification techniques to make them more memorable and easier to apply in practice.

All our e-Learning modules include

  • Scenario or overview of subject
  • Short evaluation of current thinking & knowledge
  • Introducing three key messages
  • Knowledge check with a short quiz with 8 questions

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